Infection Control: New York State Mandatory Training



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Cytomegalovirus infection of cell in urine. Photo #1157, courtesy of CDC/ Dr. Haraszti.

Because of the potential for significant harm to patients, healthcare providers, staff and visitors, infection control continues to be a critical aspect of healthcare, one that has far-reaching implications. Because of emerging infectious diseases, multi-drug resistant organisms, as well as advances in technology and research, frequent review and update on the topic of infection control is needed. New York State is committed to healthcare providers who reinforce and update their own professional knowledge and skills on this topic. Keeping current about this ever-changing content helps professionals to safeguard the health of the population of this state, particularly because HAIs continue at an alarmingly high rate with significant morbidity and mortality.

In New York State it is a legal requirement that healthcare professionals' practice must adhere to current scientifically accepted infection control practices. Lapses in one's own practice, or the practice of those for whom the professional has administrative or supervisory oversight responsibility, leaves the professional open to charges of unprofessional conduct with the New York State Education Department and/or the New York State Department of Health.

It has been repeatedly shown through surveillance and research that the simple intervention of handwashing/handhygiene is a critical factor is breaking the chain of infection. Good hand hygiene is one intervention that healthcare providers cannot afford to neglect; the health of the people of New York State is in your hands!

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